1st International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence (ICCA2017)

Secção de Pediatria Social da Sociedade Portuguesa de Pediatria y eventQualia
Sociedade Portuguesa de Pediatria y Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia
Oporto (Portugal)
26 enero 2017 - 28 enero 2017

The 1st International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence and the 4th Annual Meeting of the Social Paediatric Subcommittee (SPS-SPP) of the Portuguese Society of Paediatrics, is an event thought and planned in order to promote a rich dialog about issues related to childhood. This event was thought in order to introduce innovative discussion formats, less focused on the speaker and more open to the active participation of the audience. This choice means, above all, to allow for an encounter between knowledge and know-how that certainly will provide an unique opportunity both for researchers and for the technicians that work in the diverse areas related to childhood. 

ICCA 2017 aims to provide an important contribution so that the well known needs regarding the study of the social issues of childhood are recognized and answered trough an approach that promotes the dialog between different areas of knowledge and know-how that, trough different perspectives, try to promote healthier and happier childhoods . 

The conference will involve researchers and technicians from different scientific and professional areas, being the participation participants of individuals with profiles related to Sociology, Psychology, Social Paediatrics, Education Sciences, Social Service, Nutrition Sciences and Sports Science regarded as essencial. It also our goal to engage several institutions that work on issues related to childhood in the project, being the an important priority to get the maximum possible diversity when it come to the fields and methodologies of intervention and geographical origin.  

The organising committee, in cooperation with eventQualia’s team, selected  an heterogeneous pool of key-speakers whose work has the ability to make the participation on the conference as fulfilling as possible.The choice of the plenary sessions and, mainly, the composition of the round-tables, was also thought to encourage discussion, inviting the active participation of the audience and allowing a broad share of knowledge and know-how.


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